Product Lines
Here you can view and read about our available product lines as well as check out their company sites to further understand the scope and diversity of the supplies we offer to the plumbing industry.

Advance Tabco
Advance Tabco standardizes Custom Fabrication by pairing catalog items with hundreds of stock modifications and accessories that meet your specifications. Consistent quality all within your time & budget constraints is the reason Smart Fabricationª is the only fabrication you will ever need.
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For over 90 years, Speakmans shower products have been turning simple showers into great bathing experiences. The immensely popular Anystream ® showerhead design provides a full range of shower patterns, from full-body flood sprays to invigorating needle jets for easing sore muscles. Speakman manufactures a complete line of showerheads and accessories to fit any installation and budget… from our top-of-the-line all brass showerheads to our advanced Anystream 2000 ® hand-held pulsating massage models.
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Tempress II
Tempress has a culture dedicated to delivering the highest standards in SAFETY MIXER Technology design and manufacture. Industry people have come to depend on Tempress. Those 'in-the-know', are also aware that Tempress SAFETY MIXER products are used by top brand name faucet and fixture manufacturers around the world.
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Tjernlund Products inception dates back to 1938 when Emil Tjernlund and his son Robert started designing and manufacturing oil fired forced air furnaces. From this start their product offering evolved into gas fired furnaces and custom packaged roof top heating & cooling equipment. In the mid 1950's our Auto Draft Inducers were developed to eliminate draft problems associated with short stacks on roof top units.
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Pentair Thermal Management
As a full service designer and integrator of optimized heat management systems, Pentair Thermal Management is a unique company. We work directly with our customers to understand their challenges and needs in order to design and construct heat trace management systems which ensure success. We also offer quality products and service solutions for floor heating, fire and performance wiring, leak detection, sensing, and snow melting & de-icing for industrial, commercial and residential applications.
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Component Hardware
We bring nearly 35 years of expertise in design innovation, sourcing, warehousing and global supply chain management to OEMs, fabricators, and facility operators worldwide. With capabilities to meet a broad range of stringent international certification and industry standards in the Food Service, Medical, Scientific, Industrial, Pet Care and Transportation markets, we pride ourselves in being the premier source for proprietary and industry-specific specialty components as well as a wide array of commercial plumbing products, kitchen exhaust system components and refrigeration equipment hardware with special emphasis on sustainability, labor efficiency, and life cycle value.
Component Hardware Website >>>

Z-FLEX (NovaFlex Group)
Z-Flex is the leading manufacturer of specialty venting systems for furnaces, boilers, tankless water heaters, water heaters, oil heaters, fireplaces, and more. Z-Flex pioneered flexible chimney liner solutions and special gas vent (AL29-4C®). A variety of innovations in materials and construction produce products that deliver superior performance, increased efficiency, easier handling and faster, simpler installation, greater reliability, safety and increased service life.
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